On Thursday 1st December, members of the association Duo for a Job came to visit the premises of the company Damart. Presentations of the jobs, a visit of the premises and especially a meeting with the collaborators, we tell you everything that happened.

Duos for a Job, the mentoring mentoring association

Duo for a job is an association that forms intergenerational pairs. Young people from diverse backgrounds and people over 50 who are retired or pre-retired and want to pass on their skills are brought together. The objective of these Duos is to respond to two well-defined problems:

  • Inequalities in access to the labor market for young people with an immigrant background
  • The decline in the activity of people aged 50 and over, which leads them to a lack of appreciation of their skills.

The association therefore organizes intercultural mentoring that creates an intergenerational link.

Damart has been actively supporting the association since January 2022 and the employees are involved in this partnership.

A visit of the premises at Boulevard de Fourmies (Roubaix)

On December 1st, Damart invited the association and beneficiaries to visit the company's premises and present the different jobs. From the store to the accounting department, through the IT and logistics departments, several Damart employees came to talk about their job, their daily life but also the reasons why they chose this job.


They then all went to visit the Damart model lab and photo studio. The mentees and mentors were very interested in how the shoots were taken, how long in advance the collections were ready, how they manage to have so many sets, etc. This visit was very interesting and some mentees even gave their resume. This visit was very interesting and some mentees even gave their CVs.

Duo for a Job's spin-offs

After almost 1 year of volunteering, the mentors explained the great experience they had with their mentees and many showed their willingness to do a Duo again soon. As for the mentees, many of them were absent... Which is good news! Indeed, the reason of their absence was due to signed contracts. We wish them good luck and a lot of success in their new job! 

If you also want to become a mentor or mentee