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A word from the President

Changing society's view of older people and acting together for their well-being

Seniors are our raison d'être.
It is for them that we get up every morning.
They are the ones who inspire us and guide our daily actions.

Being "On Seniors' Side" also means committing ourselves beyond business to the well-being of seniors.
It is on this commitment that the creation of our Foundation, financed by Damartex and its subsidiaries, is based.
It is a reflection of the complicit and sincere relationship that binds us to the elderly and a sign of a lasting commitment to the society of tomorrow.

The On Seniors' Side Foundation has chosen to focus on three areas identified as areas of action for the benefit of seniors:

  • Encourage the activity of seniors for improve their well-being
  • Helping seniors to get involved in society and encourage the intergenerational social link
  • Fostering maintaining good health at home and show caregivers

This Foundation is yours.
You have the opportunity to get involved personally by supporting the projects that are close to your heart, by sponsoring them or by collaborating in the proposed actions.

I'm counting on you!

Patrick Seghin
Damartex Group

A word from the Director

"The On Seniors' Side Foundation makes sense. It generates real pride in belonging to a committed and responsible Group".

What is your mission within the Foundation?
My role is to steer the Foundation, i.e. to lead and facilitate the implementation of all the actions supported.

Why did you accept it?
After several years spent in textile purchasing where I multiplied visits to factories on the other side of the world, I realized that I was born on the right side of the planet.
I needed to bring a human and responsible dimension to my activity.
Personally, I feel a deep need for meaning, humanity and responsibility.
This is how I became CSR Manager for the Group in 2015 and how I have been supporting the Foundation since its creation.
For me, On Seniors' Side Foundation is an extension of our activity and I think it is a great lever for motivation, pride, the search for meaning and the creation of synergy between us.

How are the Group's employees affected?
The On Seniors' Side Foundation is aimed at all Damartex employees in their diversity of cultures and professions.
It offers them the opportunity to invest in projects for the benefit of seniors and to maintain the caring, respect, empathy and passion that form the basis of our brands' values.

What role can they play in the On Seniors' Side Foundation?
They can submit projects, suggest support to certain associations, sponsor a project, contribute financially or exercise a patronage of skills.
We also need correspondents in our Business Units.
All employees who want to write the history of the Foundation and work to (re)give a smile to seniors are welcome.

Josephine Biernacki
Director of the foundation on seniors' side


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Foundation consists of 9 members.

5 internal members of the Damartex group representing the Founders:

Patrick Seghin: CEO Damartex.
Joséphine Biernacki: Director of the ON SENIORS' SIDE Foundation & Chief Sustainable Officer Damartex.
Olivier Bourdrel: Treasurer of the Foundation.
David Hempfer: Managing Director of Vitrine Magique.
Florence Notteboom: International Purchasing Director.

And 4 qualified external members with expertise or experience in the senior or charity sector:

Marie Despature: Country manager at Muzéo and member of the Supervisory Board of Damartex and Somfy.
Anne-Marie Durocher: Founding President of the ALMA Nord Pas-De-Calais association against elder abuse, founding member and honorary president of the Société Septentrionale de Gérontologie Clinique.
Bérangère Penaud : Strategy Consultant at Thomas More Partner.

Laurent Delemer : Director of the HPM group in charge of the geriatric sector.


The Board of Directors meets twice a year, with the aim of :

  • Ensuring the execution of the mission of the Foundation and the implementation of the programme defined within the 3 axes,
  • Defining strategic choices and the main orientations,
  • Voting the budget and validate the accounts, Affirm and carry the commitment and the values of the Foundation.

The steering committee

The Steering Committee of the Foundation is made up of 7 members, including at least one correspondent per country, and the Director of the Foundation. The committee meets four times a year, and the correspondents aim to :

  • Reviewing files submitted by employees,
  • Select projects that reflect the values of the Foundation,
  • Accompanying sponsorss in their actions within the associations,
  • To be the privileged interlocutor employees who wish to get involved in the Foundation.