The On Seniors' Side Foundation supported the European Grandparents School (EGPE) in the organisation of a conference on the theme of grandparenting.

It took place on Monday 28 June 2021 at the National Assembly and we went there. It was a very enriching day with passionate speakers who are involved in the cause of grandparents.

The day began with an exclusive presentation of the IFOP study "French grandparents", around which a discussion with lawyers, journalists, sociologists, HRDs, etc. took place. In this way, the subject of grandparenthood was studied from all angles.

Our president Patrick Seghin took the floor on behalf of the Damartex group and the Foundation to announce the creation of the Grandparents' Observatory hosted by the Observatoire des séniors, which will be fed thanks to the collaboration with EGPE twice a month. We invite you to visit this site to discover the first articles: https: //

At the end of this rich morning, Adrien Taquet, the Secretary of State in charge of children and families, honoured us with his presence, during which the report of the parliamentary working group "Grandparents, seniors like any others?

The report identifies the following three realities:

  • The "baby boomer" grandparents have established themselves as the pivotal generation,
  • There are several factors that argue for a grandparenting policy,
  • Approaching age policy through the prism of grandparenthood allows us to think of a society that is more inclusive.

It is in this spirit that 35 recommendations in eight areas of work have been identified:

  • Better recognise and value the importance of grandparents
  • Helping families to manage intergenerational links
  • Supporting grandparenting in disadvantaged families to combat social inequalities,
  • Promote grandparenting at heart to foster intergenerational links,
  • Mitigate the effects of the geographical distance of grandparents,
  • Facilitating the circulation of senior citizens' savings in the service of intergenerational solidarity and youth,
  • Supporting seniors in gaining skills in digital tools.


In the afternoon, a vision of grandparenthood outside France was proposed. Speakers from England, Belgium and Germany spoke about the role of grandparents within their families in their respective countries. Many differences were observed: in England, grandparents are trusted third parties and in the event of parental failure, they are automatically awarded custody of the children.

In Germany, if the grandparents are still active and work until the age of 67, they can take grandparental leave, and in Belgium, as in France, the grandparents take on the role of facilitator (childcare, financial assistance, etc.). Different ways of working, but all agree on one point: grandparents play an indispensable role in their families!


It is in this context that the BABALIAS project, supported by the EGPE and the Foundation, was highlighted. These are grandmothers who provide support to isolated mothers-to-be (who no longer have contact with their mothers for whatever reason) when they reach the end of their pregnancy. A BABALIAS or "surrogate grandmother" is assigned to her to accompany her in this beautiful stage. The Foundation's support on this issue will allow the formation of new BABALIAS!


Another great project that we supported, we are proud to see the completion of these beautiful works!