Jérôme Lestienne, sponsor of the Fondation Partage & Vie

  • What is the association you sponsor? How do you know it?

I am the sponsor of the Fondation Partage & Vie, more precisely for the establishment Le Nouvel Horizon in Douai.

I didn't know about the association until one of the Foundation's referents came to talk about it at a meeting. Wanting to get involved with the Foundation, I didn't hesitate when I heard about it.


  • Why do you support the association?

Before I knew about the association, I discovered the Fondation On Seniors' Side. Eager to get involved, I was immediately hooked when I was told about the Fondation Partage et Vie and its terminal project. Having studied in Douai, I have a link with this city and I was all the more motivated to get involved.

  • In a few words, how does the Foundation help the association?

The Foundation financed 50% of a Medimoov terminal. The institution could not acquire the device on its own. The terminal has beneficial effects on memory and mobility. I thought it was important and meaningful for the Foundation to participate in this type of project.

  • If you could describe your experience with the association in one or two sentences:

This experience gave me new confidence in myself. Before, I would never have been able to go to an inauguration alone, to ask questions, to reach out to others... But seeing the residents thank the Foundation and myself, I felt proud to participate in the project. As my experience grew, my motivation increased to the point where I now devote time to the association in my personal time.