Agathe Bastien (Afibel)

  • How did you hear about the association Les Blouses Roses and can you present it to us?

I knew the association through a friend who spoke to me passionately about it, she joined it after her retirement a few years ago, eager to put herself at the service of a meaningful cause. We have discussed this several times, I am interested and sensitive to their very positive actions, directed towards sick people, often immobilized in hospital for long periods of time.

The association Les Blouses roses organizes playful, creative and artistic activities to entertain and comfort sick people and their families in hospitals and retirement homes. It is also a way of creating a link between the management teams and the patients, the patients between them and also to facilitate exchanges with their relatives.


  • Can you tell us about the project and why you support it?

This "gardening as before" project consists in redeveloping a therapeutic garden, with planters on wheels, adaptable in height in order to be accessible to the 230 elderly people, often with reduced mobility, in the geriatric service of the Bateliers de Lille hospital.

Beyond the goal of medical rehabilitation through work on the senses, memory with the cycle of seasons etc.... this garden, which can be used all year round, will be a welcoming place that will encourage mobility, and will feature activities that will create social links and bring well-being and joy in a sometimes gloomy context.


  • Can you describe your experience in a few words?

Bringing nature and its benefits into the hospital, bringing moments of joy: this superb project with its many virtues is full of meaning and values shared by On seniors' side, I am extremely happy to be able, thanks to the foundation, to support the action of volunteers and the association joins me in saying a big THANK YOU!