Several Tunisian associations are mobilising for the well-being of senior citizens while facilitating the support of their carers.This is the case for the Atuger Gerontology Association and the APPA Association, two projects recently supported by the Foundation

  • The inauguration of a Osteodensitometer in Sfax,

Thanks to the Foundation, theassociation Tunisienne de Gérontologie has enabled the Polyclinic CNSS of Sfax to acquire a Osteodensitometer. This device, which is designed to prevent osteoporosis, will save lives and relieve carers. This is a twofold objective which affects mainly people over 50 years of age.


On 27 January27, the Polyclinic welcomed the association and Sami Najjar, the Foundation's representative, for the inauguration of the device. A demonstration was given by the technician in charge of the equipment during which she explained how it works and the benefits that theosteodensitometer can bring.

 I was very honored to participate in this inauguration. This achievement was the result of the involvement of many people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have made this project a success. With the early detection of osteoporosis we will save lives. Sami Najjarsponsor of the association.
  • The inauguration of a Osteodensitometer in Sfax,


For elderly people who cannot afford it, the purchase of paramedical equipment and measures can be difficult. This is why the association APPA helps these needy seniors by offering medical, material and moral support.

More than 150 people benefited from this equipment thanks to the Foundation's donation. Wheelchairs, walking sticks and air mattresses were made available to the seniors for their health. The association also benefited from blood pressure and blood sugar monitors to take care of the elderly people visiting the association's premises.