On Thursday 10 February, the Fondation Partage et Vie acquired a Medimoov terminal for the Le Nouvel Horizon establishment in Douai. The Foundation's sponsor went to the inauguration to share a special moment with the beneficiaries.


The On Seniors' Side Foundation gave the residents of Nouvel Horizon the opportunity to use a Medimoov terminal. This is a video game console that allows people to work on their mobility (in an adapted way) with a playful aspect. With levels and games that can be adapted according to the abilities of the different seniors, this tool is both educational and will also help to strengthen the links between the residents. No controller, only a sensor that detects a part of the body to work on, but also a cognitive effect in addition to the usual physiotherapy session.

To represent the Foundation, the sponsor, Jérôme Lestienne, went to the establishment to see the capabilities of the terminal, but above all to see the seniors having fun and enjoying this new asset!

"When I arrived, the MEDIMOV salesman was finishing the explanation of how to use the terminal. This was followed by a session where most of the residents were able to try the terminal. They all enjoyed it and thanked us for our participation in financing this acquisition!

The full testimony of the sponsor: Click here

One resident, Mrs. Monique Boonen, expressed her enthusiasm after purchasing the Medimoov. Having always liked to move, but with mobility problems, Monique hopes that the terminal will allow her to progress more quickly. We could hear her and all the other residents thanking Jérôme and the Foundation for their investment.

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