On Tuesday 12 October, an inauguration took place on the Damartex site. A project dating back to before the Covid crisis was finally able to see the light of day, and the people of Roubaix will soon be able to see it.  

The fight against illiteracy, support for senior citizens and an associative project, this is what the ICIÉLÀ association and the ON SENIORS'SIDE Foundation have set up. 


A chance meeting, the Genesis of the project :  

This idea of combating illiteracy among our senior citizens began when the director of the Foundation, Josephine Biernacki, participated in a think tank with the project "co-designing the city of tomorrow"and the idea of fighting against illectronism among seniors by going to meet them was born. From there, she contacted François, an employee at Damart who was interested in the project. He took up the torch and thought about the association that could be concerned by this problem.

One afternoon, Amandine Corby comes to pick up her son at François' house who was playing with the godfather's boy. During a discussion, the two adults realised that they had common goals, especially concerning senior citizens. This is where the Digibike project was born.


The aim is to build a three-wheeled vehicle to go to the heart of Roubaix's neighbourhoods to meet the seniors and really find out what they lack and what their digital needs are. To do this, the bicycle, bearing the association's colours, will go to the various social centres in Roubaix with a questionnaire to accompany the seniors afterwards. This questionnaire allows us to note several results, namely: the autonomy of the person, their needs, their level of French...

Once the questionnaire has been answered, French courses or training at ICIÉLÀ or Emmaus connect with whom they have partnerships will be offered. This is the Digibike project. 

A few months ago, another person took over the association as a sponsor. Pauline volunteered for this project, which makes sense as this testimony shows.

The launch of the Digibike, the inauguration of the scooter:  

The inauguration of this project took place on Tuesday 12 October. The Damartex site welcomed the association throughout the event to allow employees and people concerned by the project to come and ask questions about the organisation and functioning of the Digibike. We therefore went to meet the director of the association, her team and especially Maxence, the driver of the digibike, who shared with us their experiences and their desire to help seniors in the digital world.

It is when projects take shape that the Foundation makes sense and this is why we invite everyone to support the associations: https://iciela.fr/elementor-1322/