On 13 April, the Coopers brand and the KiB association organised an Easter event: a day that brought together seniors and their grandchildren in a festive spirit.

The activities organised made grandparents and their grandchildren happy. An egg hunt, face painting, arts and crafts, goodies, old-fashioned games and many other workshops were set up to strengthen the ties between families.


Employees of Coopers came to help the association to animate the event while sharing a moment with the people of the region.

"By bringing the generations together, we hope to have a huge impact on the elderly in this region, especially those who suffer from loneliness. This programme will also help young people in the region.,

Victoria Laws, Managing Director of Coopers.

Indeed, the Easter celebration was only the beginning of a programme aimed at strengthening the intergenerational link in the Coopers area. Several events are planned throughout the year to fight against the isolation of the region's seniors.

"We hope this event has given everyone a small taste of what we can do to improve the lives of older people in the region," says Jill Fraser, CEO of KiB. "All of our projects connect young people with a much older generation, so that everyone involved feels cared for, connected and part of a wider community."

The On Seniors' Side Foundation is proud to see employees mobilising to support the associations and we will keep you informed of the progress of the partnership.