The association: Apréva Apréva is a non-profit organisation that does its best to maintain autonomy. Today, they own 7 Ehpads and mobilise the staff of their establishments to promote the well-being of seniors.

Supported projects 1 (2021): Healing through the practice of horticultural therapy

The main purpose of the project is to promote intergenerational encounters between residents and their families through the development of a therapeutic garden and to bring together the "well-being" garden of a residence for seniors in Leforest in the Pas de Calais.

The Foundation financed the purchase of a therapeutic pool to equip the garden.

Projects supported 2 (2020): Apréva has asked the Foundation twice for to be equipped with Mélos terminalsA musical terminal that allows residents to listen to songs, do blind-tests, karaoke, or other activities, and thus bring together all the residents around a common activity.

This terminal also has therapeutic benefits for people with Alzheimer's disease thanks to the many memory games it offers.

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